Micro Strand by Strand Hair Extensions


Hair Extensions

time: 2-3hrs – $350-$950                 

Experience the hair of your dreams with hair extension artistry. Add stunning new hair color, countiful volume, sexy cascading texture & length. From short to long in a matter of a few hours, you will be able to achieve a noticeable and unique new image or yourself/ A thick head of full, luxurious long hair looks healthy and offers you infinite hairstyles possibilities. A few strands just to add highlights or lowlights, or some fantasy colors like hot pinks, vibrant purples or blazing blues, will give your hair a more sexy depth and personality. Our qualified and certified hair extension specialists have advanced training in 2 of the most advanced systems in the market today. The application systems are safe and the results are amazing. It’s definitely worth the investment! Consultation required.

Hair Extensions: Micro Links
“extending your hair’s length without the damage.”
The Micro links Hair extensions are undetectable to the naked eye also the hair is perfectly matched to look like your real hair’s texture. The links are matched to your hair colour, applied strand by strand like fusion but without using resin or bonding glue. The extensions will feel and wear like your own hair and you should treat it like it’s yours.

Micro links hair extension service include before and after consultations, this includes an educational session on how to care for your extensions, also included in your price is the application of the micro links hair extensions and matching the hair colour as well as the texture. You can also use strands that are different from your hair colour to create highlights, lo lights or other fashion colour strands like pink and blue without damaging your own hair. Your hair extensions should be looked at in eight weeks for a checkup, at that time you should decide if you want to re-use the hair extensions and push them up or if you want to remove them, if they are well cared for some people can keep them in for up to 3-4 months, also depending on how fast your hair grows. Note: You must never attempt to remove the extensions yourself or else it will cause damage to your own hair, a certified Micro Links Hair Technician specialist should do so.

Hair extensions are Grade A+ silky Remy and tangle free 100% human hair extensions, the extensions are applied using the Micro links System. The hair and rings come in over 19 colours & applied with safe rings that match your hair colour, we take pride in using only the best quality of hair products by refusing to use synthetic or low grade hair.


Hair Extensions: Fusion
If you have Diva Feeva, then hair fusion is the hair style for you. Hair fusion is the most flexible and longest lasting weave you can get it is very carefree and easy to maintain. Your natural hair is fused together in tiny sections with artificial hair extensions , making it less visible and more versatile. The hair fusion style is also very light weight, carefree and last up to three months. You can also have long lasting highlights or just add length and volume. So, toss it up, let it flow free, or pin it in chignons or ponytails.

Hair Extensions: Feather      $20/ for 1          $45/ for 3

Feather hair extensions are one of the hottest trends to hit hair fashion in the last several years. These unique feather extensions can help add exciting colors, texture and highlights to your hair. Each of our feather hair products is made from real feathers of  farm-raised roosters that are meticulously hand-selected and sorted. All feathers are 100% natural and organically dyed to create fun and exciting colors. These high quality feathers are approximately 7-12″ in length and they will stay  attached to your hair for up to four months! They can be wash, blow-dry, brush, straighten and curl !  These feather hair extensions are attached to your hair using micro beads.